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CIPS Knowledge Partnerships

CIPS are committed to delivering the latest know-how and resources to support members in their professional capacity as procurement and supply-chain professionals.

CIPS has developed knowledge partnerships with leading organisations to provide members with access to a repository of procurement and supply chain topic and category specific resources to further their professional development and improve their organisation’s business performance.

“In today’s quickly-changing and highly-competitive global market, procurement professionals have to stay on top of all the trends, market changes and industry best practices that impact their business. The knowledge partnerships encourage procurement professionals to think more strategically and empower them to be more confident in applying new ideas and approaches that add value to their business, and beyond.”
David Noble, Group CEO, CIPS

The content includes case studies, market insights and best practices to guide procurement professionals in solving everyday challenges. The resources are designed to support accredited CIPS members’ professional development and give them the tools and knowledge they need to advance beyond conventional procurement practices and deliver more value for their organisations.

What Our Partners Say


“We believe that good procurement can help make the world a better place. Our choices and those of our suppliers continuously impact our environment, economy and the society that we all live in. As responsible businesses, we can all do our part to be sustainable and protect our customers, employees and suppliers by understanding social value. These days, customers expect more for less and it’s not enough just to offer a great price, service or quality any more. Customers are asking us about social value.

With our CIPS Knowledge Partnership, we’re aiming to provide members with insight and resources on social value as a concept and how to implement, measure and maintain it.”

Simon Hill, Managing Director, YPO


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Social Value

RS Components

“We’re proud to be able to partner with CIPS as a knowledge partner on MRO procurement and share best practice, advice and thought leadership. We’re committed to driving procurement excellence as an enabler for growth. Procurement decision makers are challenged with a changing world, financial pressures and demanding stakeholders and need suppliers with a partnership mentality who can help.

Our experience and knowledge can enable customers to optimise their suppliers and processes and help define cost-saving strategies to reduce the true cost of procurement, which is significantly more than simply the cost of products. Supply management is a complicated topic but is also a route to a successful business and procurement excellence is an achievable goal we should all strive for.”

Mike England, Managing Director, RS Northern Europe (UK, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Sweden & Norway), RS Components


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RS Components

Maintenance, Repair and Operational Supplies (MRO)


"GEP has earned a reputation for fresh thinking, deep insights and powerful, creative solutions to the challenges encountered by global procurement and supply chain management leaders at Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies worldwide. This partnership with CIPS is a terrific opportunity to share the innovation and insight that GEP thought leaders have developed by tackling real-world strategic and operational challenges in thousands of successful enterprise-level engagements across Europe, Asia and the Americas."

Al Girardi, Global Vice President of Marketing & Analyst Relations, GEP

Category Management:

Category Management 

Cloud and Mobile Solutions:

Cloud and Mobile Solutions 



Category Management

Cloud and Mobile Solutions

First Solar

“First Solar’s partnership with CIPS is a recognition of the important role that procurement professionals will play in driving the energy transition forward. As solar energy emerges as the fastest growing source of electricity, it will be important for those in procurement to keep pace with the rapid changes that define the future of the global power generation portfolio. And having access to the right knowledge and expertise will be a critical step in that direction. First Solar places knowledge at the heart of everything we do and we’re privileged to be a position to share over 10 gigawatts of global experience with CIPS members around the world."

Tim Rebhorn, Executive Vice President for Global Strategic Marketing, First Solar

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First Solar

Renewable Energy: Solar



“Technology is a powerful and vital tool for successful procurement teams, but in order to make a real impact, you also need to invest in the people and processes. We’re working with CIPS to give procurement professionals the knowledge and resources they need to do their jobs even more effectively, and move their organisations to the forefront of delivering procurement value.”

Jim Wetekamp, CEO, BravoSolution

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eSourcing and eProcurement



“For twenty years Applegate has provided procurement professionals with the information and tools they require in their roles, this partnership with CIPS is a natural extension of our work. In addition to providing the business marketplace, Applegate is in the process of developing significant new services to help make the lives of purchasing staff easier. We are delighted to be partnering with the Institute and look forward to working together in future.”

Stuart Brocklehurst, Chief Executive,Applegate

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ESPO - Public Sector Outsourced Procurement




“We are delighted to be working in partnership with CIPS. Emotional intelligence is vital to sustainable performance and productivity in the workplace, and so to have this opportunity to highlight its importance in the procurement and supply chain management sector is very exciting. We look forward to making some great developments within the industry.”

John Cooper, Chief Executive Officer,JCA Global

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ESPO - Public Sector Outsourced Procurement

Emotional Intelligence


“Facilities Management is a rapidly changing sector as the market moves towards the delivery of more complex and integrated solutions. With our CIPS knowledge partnership we aim to provide members with selection of guidance tools and information which will assist them in the procurement process for FM services - allowing them to take decisions which are right for the on-going needs of their business.“

Amber Ritson, Chief Procurement Officer, Engie

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Total Facilities Management


Dun & Bradstreet

“We are committed to providing the information and insight to allow CIPS members to anticipate and mitigate global supply chain risk.“

Phil McGuire, Leader of Dun & Bradstreet’s Macro Market Insight team, Dun & Bradstreet

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ESPO - Dun & Bradstreet

Cross Border Risk



“The increasing frequency of supply chain disruptions and the pressure to innovate means that today’s procurement professional needs to be connected to be successful. By preparing the profession to take a first-mover advantage on social media, CIPS and Procurious are working together to ensure that procurement professionals are first with supply chain news, equipped with the right blend of skills, and connected to an advantaged, global professional network.“

Tania Seary, Founder, Procurious

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Procurious - Social Media in Procurement

Social Media in Procurement



“We are delighted to be partnering with CIPS to provide a series of advisory tips, insights and case studies to help encourage best practice procurement in the public sector. Every penny counts in the public sector, and this joint partnership with CIPS enables us to share our 30 years’ experience of procuring goods and services for a wide range of public sector organisations to a new audience throughout the UK. ”

Kristian Smith, Deputy Managing Director, ESPO

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ESPO - Public Sector Outsourced Procurement

Public Frameworks and Contracting



“The procurement profession is fast-changing, and our new partnership will help CIPS members take advantage of the growing opportunities in procurement through exclusive access to career advice and guidance from our recruiting experts. Whether you are new to the profession or an aspiring CPO, career planning is essential and understanding what employers look for when recruiting will help achieve your career goals.”

Nicky Taberner, Director, Hays Procurement & Supply Chain

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Hays - Career Development

Career Development



“The continued challenges and volatility within the raw material markets requires procurement professionals to have more insight at their fingertips. This partnership will link the leading independent raw material data insight organisation with the most reputable and wide spread procurement institute on a global basis. Such strength and brand association can only be good for all clients and members that both organisations service”

Brian Smith, Data Director, Mintec Ltd

Visit the Mintec Knowledge site




Commodity and Raw Material Intelligence


Want to become a Knowledge Partner?

Want to Become a Knowledge Partner?

Knowledge Owl CIPS are actively developing partnerships with leading organisations wishing to target and engage with the procurement and supply sector. To learn more about CIPS partnership programme and CIPS Knowledge partnership opportunities, please contactpartnership@cips.org.

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