Fraud Solutions

Types of Fraud

Recognise the serious implications of fraud and take immediate action to prevent, identify and reduce risk at all levels with the CIPS Fraud Solutions - a multi-layered approach to eradicating fraud in your supply chain.

Fraud in the supply chain can have serious consequences. These include financial losses, lack of public trust, negative share price implications, legal fines and even criminal proceedings. CIPS has developed a comprehensive and robust set of tools to help organisations tackle procurement and supply chain fraud.

These include:

  • Training and development: A series of training programmes and e-learning to upskill your workforce in methods of understanding and detecting fraud.
  • Process management: Independent, comprehensive and procurement-specific analysis, assessment and design of your processes to address, detect and manage out procurement fraud in your organisation.


People and processes...a complete approach to erradicating fraud in the supply chain


Train your people

By building an ethical and anti-fraud culture in your workforce, with senior management leading from the top down, CIPS training and people development programmes help to identify, isolate and eliminate episodes of malpractice.

Procurement Fraud Masterclass

Globally available, this tailored training for contract and procurement professionals is specifically designed to help them understand the implications of fraud and equip them with the knowhow to audit their own processes, identify historical and current procurement fraud red flags and implement new strategies.

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Tailored Skills Training

Specific training to plug gaps in skills, this can be delivered via short courses, long-term structured programmes, workshops, group sessions and one-to-one coaching.

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Corporate Award

This development programme is geared towards your business improvement objectives, embedding professionalism in all aspects of procurement including techniques to identify, tackle and reduce incidences of fraud.

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CIPS Qualifications

To support professional development, CIPS offers qualifications that reflect the needs of the public and private sector and cover all the competencies and capabilities that are so essential to the profession. On successful completion of our Professional Diploma, coupled with three years’ experience in a role of responsibility in procurement, students can apply for full membership of CIPS and to use the letters MCIPS – recognised as the global standard for leading procurement professionals.

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Corporate Ethical Procurement and Supply

We have identified four essential steps to protect your reputation and your supply chain, focusing on embedding values and a common approach to ethical behaviour, including fraud, for all staff selecting and/or managing suppliers. By completing these steps, your organisation will be recognised by CIPS with an internationally published listing on the CIPS Corporate Ethical Register and a CIPS Corporate Ethical Mark that you can use in your own marketing literature.

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Perfect your processes

One of the most successful ways of managing fraud is to have effective policies, processes and procedures.


CIPS Corporate Certification

This unique, independent, comprehensive and procurement-specific assessment is the most effective way of ensuring your organisation, whether public or private sector, is protected by world-class procurement and supply processes, strategies, policies and procedures.

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CIPS Sustainability Index

CSI provides you with a deeper understanding of your key suppliers’ policies and processes. It determines whether they reflect a real commitment to comply with the anti-bribery and corruption laws in the countries within which they operate. The CSI also investigates if a supplier organisation and/or any of its employees have been convicted for breach of any bribery or corruption laws within the last five years.

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